We can imagine a short but concise characteristic of the content of the work. This short summary contains the methods used, the ways to solve them, and the outcome of the survey. Also included are keywords related to the area the bachelor thesis is focused on. If the reader searches the database for a bachelor’s thesis focused on a particular issue, he / she uses the keywords to do so.

First, it is necessary to focus on the problem, the topic and the goal of the whole work. Furthermore, it should be mentioned whether the problem has been solved and whether the target has been met. The author’s commentary on the meaning of the result must not be missing. Attention! It is always better to write short sentences containing the essential, in long sentences the reader may get lost.

Difference between abstract, annotation and resume
The bachelor thesis also includes an annotation or a resume. The annotation contains a very short description of the work, without specifying the objectives or the method used. The summary includes the most important information.

Formal layout of the abstract

The abstract should be in the form of a paragraph with a maximum of 500 words. Avoid any images or graphs in the abstract. The abstract is placed at the very beginning of the work, before the content. However, every school or department can have its rules.

What does the abstract serve for?
Like keywords and the title of the work, the abstract is used primarily to find the work in archives or other databases.

How to present properly

  • Find out who you will be presenting. Adjust the presentation accordingly.
  • First, think carefully about the content of the presentation and write it on paper. Only then write it into the presentation.
  • Each presentation must be of order. Thus, a clear introduction, the content of the work, the conclusion and also a thank you for your attention.
  • Stick to the rules of what thought this point in the presentation.
  • If you can express anything other than text, do it. No graph or picture offend anyone.
  • You have to have the content of the work in your head, just use the presentation for the points you will hold during the oral presentation.
  • Choose a font format to see well.
  • Use effects only if this is appropriate for the topic.
  • You need to know what you want to bring presentations to the audience.
  • Try to present yourself cleanly.