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The final phase of most professional papers includes a summary and evaluation of the results achieved, based on research. It is necessary to mention the knowledge from the theoretical part and to highlight the most important result with the proposed solution and other recommendations.

This phase of work must express a clear commitment to the issue. It is also recommended to mention the author, in which the result enriched him.

Often, when you defend a job, you encounter questions from an opponent such as: How did you enrich yourself? What helped you most to reach the conclusion? Did you meet your goals? What do you propose to improve in a particular area?

It is necessary to mention whether or not a predetermined target has been achieved. If the goal is not reached, state why.

Stylistics in scientific works

As is the case with most scientific papers, each contains a lot of graphs, images, tables and other technical aids. For this reason, it is not advisable to insert graphs etc. into the text part. It is much more efficient and easier to place in the Work Attachments. Only enter the most important tools, graphs, etc. into the main text.

If you insert all the graphs and other technical aids into the appendices, it is necessary to recall the appendix in the main text.

Attachments include all maps, graphs, machine characteristics, techniques interpretations, etc.

The citation rules must also be followed in the annexes section. Mostly it is ISO 690, but each institution may require a specific citation. When it comes to own materials, it is good to mention self-citation in their own work (source: own processing).

In conclusion, there may be other proposals for solutions or measures. It is advisable to mention further use in practice and possible expectations for the future.

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