In the bachelor thesis the student shows his / her ability. The graduate usually solves scientific or other problems in this work. It identifies suitable methods for solving, puts together a procedure how the whole work will be conceived and the whole problem will be solved gradually. It sets the theoretical basis for subsequent research. An integral part of the whole work is the goal of the work, which will be done by some research according to the theory.

Research should serve as an inspiration for others. The research is carried out through questionnaires, ie questionnaire surveys or in-depth interviews. But the main division of research is mainly qualitative and quantitative.

Quantitative research is used to confirm or refute established hypotheses. Research is done through data collection, which is then analyzed. The smallest amount of information is collected from a large number of respondents.

How to defend your work?

Everyone is afraid of the defense, but there is no reason. No one else knows the job as well as you do. An opponent’s review just shows you the direction to go in defense. The opponent is from asking questions. If you have your work thoroughly studied, you don’t have to worry about the defense at all.

Sometimes, the opponent’s questions are considered so that you feel he is there to prevent you from working and simply sweeping the job off the table. Not so, you have to have ready answers to all possible questions, such as why you chose this research method, what led you to it, etc. Opponent’s opinions may differ in many ways from yours. However, this does not mean that work is bad.

Access the defense as a supplement to and disseminate information from your work. It is not only about demonstrating the ability to work with resources, but also about their interpretation and understanding. The opponent only verifies your knowledge of the issue.

This is a discussion of your work. So it is really important to go through the work several times and study it. If you keep that in mind, then half of the success is certain. The second half depends on your ability to defend the work based on the answers to the opponent’s questions.

On the contrary, new hypotheses and theories are created in qualitative research. This form of research is used when little information is available on the subject.

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